asbestos removal manchester

Asbestos Removal Manchester, North West, West Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

Our project management team and on-site operators have over thirty years experience, training and knowledge in the safe removal of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) as hazardous waste.

The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005 requires that:

  • Any waste having an asbestos content greater than 0.1 per cent is classified as ‘Hazardous Waste’.
  • Less than 0.1 per cent can be classified as non hazardous, unless there are other contaminants present which would classify the waste as hazardous.
  • Asbestos fibres present in concentrations greater than 0.001per cent are considered a health risk and must be dealt with as “hazardous soils” for disposal purposes.

Asbestos Removal Manchester and North West UK

Refurbishment and demolition asbestos surveys

DHD strictly complies with all necessary requirements for a full ‘intrusive’ pre-work survey where asbestos is suspected to be present. A full ‘plan of works’ is drawn up before the survey work commences, including risk assessments, secure removal and disposal method statements.

Potential health risk

Prior to work proceeding, soil samples should be taken and analysed to determine if asbestos waste or contaminated soil is present, which could pose a potential health risk to all site personnel or to the surrounding area.

Waste disposal of asbestos involves completely sealing areas containing contaminated materials and controlled removal by personnel wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) to Type 5 specification and disposable respirators to Type FFP3.

Class 1 carcinogen

In the UK, white ‘chrysotile’ asbestos was widely used as insulation and fireproofing in the construction industry until banned from use in the mid 1980s. White asbestos has been confirmed as a Class 1 carcinogen at the Government Office for Science who have stated that there is no threshold level below which exposure would be considered not a risk to health.

The term ‘low risk’ may only be properly applied if white asbestos is found to be in a strictly undisturbed state, good condition (not deteriorated over time), and is to be properly contained and managed according to the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2006/12.

DHD demolition teams on-site undertake full training programmes to ensure strict compliance with regulation safety levels at all times. Our commitment to a duty of care ensures that all asbestos removal operations are successfully completed to the highest standards of personnel and environmental protection.