• PROJECT: Copthall House, Friargate
  • CLIENT: Prosurv Consult Ltd, The Gatehouse, Bessemer Park. Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 5GR.
  • PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR: D. Hughes Demolition & Excavation Limited
  • NATURE OF THE PROJECT: The demolition and site clearance of Buildings I, St. Patricks Road Office Block, J Multi Storey Car Park and Starley House (Phase 1) to assist with the redevelopment of the area.
  • SCOPE OF WORKS: The safe and efficient removal of asbestos and demolition of identified buildings to facilitate the new development of the Friargate Masterplan. This scope of works is not exhaustive and if considered necessary, will be expanded to ensure that the final deconstruction is achieved in a safe and efficient manner.


The works were undertaken within one site visit and carried out in the following order:

  • Site immobilisation.
  • Erection of site security fencing.
  • Pre demolition drainage survey.
  • Asbestos removal.
  • Soft strip.
  • Accommodation works.
  • Demolition.
  • Ground floor slab, foundations and basement removal.
  • Crushing and stockpiling.
  • Site clearance.
  • Post demolition drainage survey.
  • Removal of site security fencing.
  • Site de-mobilisation.


Work on the Friargate development in Coventry city centre took another major step forward when bulldozers moved in to demolish a large part of Copthall House.

The demolition of the building, which dominated the entrance of Coventry railway station, paved the way for the site to be cleared to allow construction of the new Coventry City Council offices, the first building of the project. Demolition on the site, started with the multi-storey car park in Eaton Road and began in August after specialist contractors D Hughes were brought in. Some of the main offices near the railway station also began coming down during this time. The latest work meant one lane of the clockwise ring road entry slip and a lane on Manor Road had to be sectioned off to make way for a large crane. Time restrictions were then placed for a time period to off-peak hours, which meant that no work was to be carried out between 7am to 9.30am and 3.30pm to 6.30pm. Councillor Kevin Maton, Coventry City Council’s cabinet member for business, enterprise and employment, said at the time of works: “The start of demolition on site is an exciting point in the Friargate project.


However, we were able to carry out the work much sooner than expected due to being ahead of programme and it was agreed that these works could be completed in September.  The effected lanes were then opened much sooner than expected and temporary lights were in operation during this time to help work effectively and to maximum efficiency to complete the works. Due to the close proximity of the public roads and for added protection, a crane was brought in to hold up a protective demolition sheet during the demolition of the high structures which was taken down using our high reach excavator.