• PROJECT: The Creative Living Centre Prestwich Hospital, Bury New Road, Prestwich, BD21 3DF
  • CLIENT: Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.
  • PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR: D. Hughes Demolition & Excavation Limited
  • NATURE OF THE PROJECT: The works comprised of the demolition of existing buildings including:

    • Site set-up
    • Soft Strip
    • Removal of all non-notifiable and notifiable asbestos containing material
    • Demolition
    • Removal of hardstandings, ground foundations
    • Accommodation Works
    • Site Clearance
    • Completion

  • VALUE: Day works
  • Length of Contract 8 weeks


creative-living-centre-demolitionThe works comprised of the removal of all asbestos containing material, the demolition of the existing Creative Living Centre and making good of the site area.

The existing building was within its own site perimeter within the grounds of Prestwich Hospital located adjacent to the main site entrance.

Other commercial businesses are located nearby to the property.

The Hospital treated patients who are not confined to bed, and therefore all necessary precautions had to be taken to ensure access cannot be gained by un-authorised persons to the working areas.

All work was not started on the building until fencing around the perimeter was erected and approved by the engineer.

creative-living-centre-demolitionAll asbestos containing materials was removed under fully controlled conditions by our experienced asbestos removal team after bulk sampling identified asbestos-chrysotile in the gaskets pipework in the floor trench.

Our operatives cleared out the building of any general rubbish, fixtures and fittings using hand tools. The debris was placed into waste skips with our site supervisor overseeing all works.

The demolition of the building was carried out using two hydraulic excavators, fitted with shear and grab attachments and all hard standing/round foundations etc. were broken up and removed off site.

During activities that occurred on site vibration was expected and therefore DHD monitored the level to ensure these works would not affect local businesses and the public. All equipment that was used was kept to a minimum to avoid nuisance.

Dust management was implemented to reduce the hazard of air borne dust vehicles with workings being sheeted when required. Stockpiles of soils and materials were located away roads used by the general public with weather conditions being taken into account.

The footprint of the building, foundations and exposed drainage excavations were backfilled with MOT Type 1 hard-core laid and compacted in 150mm layers utilising a heavy vibrator roller.

The whole area was top-soiled and new turf installed.