A combination of dismantling and demolition can often be the most effective way of ensuring controlled safety measures are in place when removing an existing structure.

Old traffordAlternative dismantling techniques involve the use of hand tools or smaller machines.

Our fully trained and experienced teams will apply dismantling techniques where:

  • Standard methods of demolition cannot be safely carried out.
  • Adjacent buildings are attached or in close proximity to the demolition structure.
  • Parts of the existing building are to be retained for either resale or reuse.
  • Required elements of the building are to be recovered for their asset value.
  • Noise restrictions are in place or machine access is limited.

Difference between dismantling and demolition

Dismantling is usually carried out by a careful reversal of the individual stages in the way a structure was originally built.

DHD works closely alongside our clients to identify which aspects of the structure they wish to retain.

Whether we dismantle a single piece of equipment, or an entire structure, the entire process is individually customised to client requirement and instruction, in accordance with the demands of a safe demolition.

Photo 28-05-2015 16 54 45Floor by floor

Dismantling is planned in great detail, according to survey analysis, structural engineer calculations and building specification. Damaged or unsafe structures are dismantled floor by floor until reaching the lower floors, where it may be possible to safely and efficiently complete a demolition using standard machinery.

A structure can also be carefully protected during wider demolition works and then dismantled at a later stage.

Safety and protection of all personnel

Our duty of care and responsibility means the safety and protection of all personnel on-site and members of the public in proximity are always a priority at every step of the way from planning stage to completion, at any scale.