High Rise Demolition

DHD are fully equipped to demolish the most demanding of high rise and multi storey buildings.

Our large fleet of modern demolition plant and equipment includes ultra high reach excavators fitted with steel shearing equipment and concrete pulverising attachments. Ease of positioning and manoeuvrability enable primary and secondary demolition to be carried out on time and with increased cost-effective efficiency.

Ultra high reach plant is essential equipment to deal with safe demolition of high rise buildings, such as tower blocks up to twenty storeys high. The use of the demolition boom has not only raised the safety standard but has also extended the reach and capability over previous methods.

Variety of attachments

A high or ultra high reach demolition machine is defined as a 360° excavator base equipped with a purpose-built, multi-boom or telescopic boom with a working height of 15 metres or above. All round visibility is a legal requirement, which demands the operator be able to see a minimum of 1 metre out by 1 metre above ground around the full circumference of his machine.

Every high or ultra high-reach demolition machine can use a variety of attachments to perform breaking, cutting, crushing and pulverising duties, including:

• Combi-cutter crusher
• Steel Shear
• Selecta grab
• Hydraulic Pulverisers / Hammers

The safe working load of the machine is clearly displayed within the operator’s cab and all attachments and quick-change devices clearly marked with their gross weight.

All types of high-rise buildings

Demolition planning is undertaken according to structural engineer calculations and building specification. A combination of specialist high reach equipment and modern excavators can dismantle and demolish all types of high-rise buildings. Structures are dismantled floor by floor until reaching the lower floors, which can then be demolished by heavy machinery.

Our compliance with strict industry regulations ensures that projects are successfully completed on time and to the highest standards of environmental safety.