Photo 28-05-2015 16 54 46DHD offer a full range of professional site clearance services including the complete and safe removal of:

  • Buildings / structures / obstacles
  • Material waste / refuse
  • Trees, bushes, vegetation, scrub and weeds
  • Uncontaminated (non-biological or chemical) waste
  • Contaminated ground

Site preparation

Each and every project is thoroughly surveyed for special equipment / manpower requirements, which includes:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety regulations
  • Access routes
  • Security fencing
  • Ramps, pile mat construction
  • Signage
  • Waste Management
  • Material recycling

Swadlincote completeSpecial clearance

Special clearance projects may demand additional equipment to deal with materials or specific health and safety issues need to be addressed. We always discuss and explore any concerns which are important to the client at every step of way.

Clean and tidy

Preparing a site for development and construction requires careful planning and attention to detail.
Responsible waste clearance is an essential part of any modern site development and is governed by strict regulations.

At DHD, our duty of care is to always make sure:

  • Site is left clean and tidy
  • All hazards removed
  • Reclaimed resources are stored safely on site ready for use
  • Neighbouring buildings or infrastructure function safely

Our task in every site clearance project, big or small, is to ensure the safe handling and complete removal of all materials and remediation of the ground in preparation for development is carried out fully to the highest standards.