Soft strip is the internal strip out and de-rating service for all buildings prior to either refurbishment or demolition.

Soft-Grip-picThe service involves the removal of:

  • Recyclable materials such as timber, metal and plastics
  • All unwanted, non structural elements, loose fixtures and fittings

Our experienced soft strip teams are fully trained to the highest industry standards to carry out internal strip outs of:

All types of premises, such as :

  • Commercial sites / Office Blocks
  • Residential sites / Housing Blocks
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Retail Stores

All types of construction material, often including:

  • Floors / Mezzanine
  • Floor coverings – concrete, timber
  • Ceilings / false ceilings
  • Non-load bearing partitions
  • Internal walls – breeze-block, brickwork, stud partitions.
  • Pipework
  • Staircases
  • Door frames/architraves
  • Mechanical and Electrical systems – lighting, cables, cable trays, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Disconnection and removal of utilities – gas, electricity, water and telecommunications.

Soft-Strip-2De-rating / soft strip operations are strictly regulated. Each project requires full safety and protection measures put into place, including:

• Full method statements
• Risk assessments
• Construction phase plans,
• Environmental control measure
• Site waste management plans

DHD complies with strict industry regulations to always ensure that all strip out projects are successfully completed to the highest standards of personnel and environmental safety.