health and safety

Health and Safety

DHD is committed to full company compliance with statutory Health and Safety regulations.

Our duty of care and responsibility means the safety and protection of all personnel on-site and members of the public in proximity are always a priority at every step of the way from planning stage to completion, at any scale.

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) a contractor has a legal duty to:

“Plan, manage and monitor all work carried out by themselves and their workers, taking into account the risks to anyone who might be affected by it (including members of the public) and the measures needed to protect them.”

Best practice across all areas of operations…

We are constantly vigilant in ensuring best practice across all areas of operations, and continually review our methods and procedures. We tirelessly seek to identify areas for improvement through our analysis of unique and individual client project needs, which are incorporated into our working systems.

Accreditations and memberships to recognised national training organisations and scheme certifications are a crucial part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our working practices completely up to date with current, highest professional standards.

DHD demolition teams on-site undertake full training programmes to ensure strict compliance with regulation safety levels at all times.